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ExactTarget API tip

Posted by Amol Dalvi on October 21, 2007

Here’s a quick little tip about the new ExactTarget Webservices API, particularly the one that does the integration between and ExactTarget. When you trigger an email send using the ETforAppEx API, make sure you specify –

a) IndividualResults = true;

b) IndividualResultsSpecified = true;

This will ensure that the send, open(s), click(s) are dumped in to by ExactTarget. The manual says there is no need to explicity specify IndividualResults, and that the tracking will be dumped in to SFDC by default. But as a good practice I would strongly recommend you specify it explicitly. You really don’t want to be left guessing if that tracking information will really be sent to SFDC or not.

Send me an email (adalvi -at-  if you want a more detailed code sample.


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